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Monday, July 02, 2012


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Breanna Teintze

I think sometimes there's an equating of faith with prejudice, which is unfortunate. Hopefully Cameron wasn't implying that the other contestants were wrong for kissing. Personally as another conservative Christian, I expect Christian values to apply to those who identify as Christians--I don't expect those who don't share my faith to share my practice. (That would just be silly.)

But I'm guessing that Cameron wasn't, in fact, implying anything about the others; I'm guessing he made the judges feel uncomfortable. Most people can't observe a different choice without insisting on defending their own--on a non-religious note, I use cloth diapers. Every mom who finds this out about me has to explain why she CANNOT use cloth diapers, even though I don't think it's any of my business what kind of diapers anyone uses. It's a human trait, I think, to take other people's choices as a judgment of your own, but one that I hope we can learn to get over.

Fadzlishah Johanabas

Nah. Cameron didn't act prissy. He didn't look like he cared what others were doing, and he wasn't uncomfortable around Alex. It's just that when things happened to him, he had a moral dilemma. I think he's a genuinely good kid.

As for diapers, I learned how to fold the cloth ones. I think we used them when we were small, but now that disposable pant-diapers are here, I think they're genius. You know how lazy I am.

Breanna Teintze

I think if my kids didn't get rashes from disposables, I would use them too--it is nice to not have to stare down a bucket of diapers and...yeah. Disposables are cool. ;)

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