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Saturday, July 14, 2012


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mo kena ajar jgk houseman mcmana nak isi borang hpe.dah byk kali aku tegur mo,specialist aku tegur surgeon.by rite operating surgeon yg kena isi borang tu sbb dia yg tau intraop finding ngan sutures yg diorang buh utk orientation marking.proper relevant history and investigations done.be it blood ix or radiology.houseman mostly tau retract je.kalau nak jgk ho yg tulis,mesti countersigned by operating surgeon.kalau isi form request blood for transfusion bole buat betul2,borang hpe lg kena buat betul2.sample darah bole amik byk kali.sample tisu??
so, kpd kwn2 mo sekalian..tolonglah ajar isi borang hpe.tqia :)

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