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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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stop being such a drama queen, fadz. when are you going to grow up and learn to take responsibility for your own fuck ups??


only a LOSER blames his father for his own mistakes.


you are very quick to find fault and attack others. but when others comment on you in turn, you give the pitiful drama queen act.


kawan, you have never tasted suffering. that's why you're so lembik. and by continuing to write self-pitying posts, you only confirm that.


What the hell is wrong with the above commenter? I came here following links about Malaysian English writers and am exposed to this kind of harrassment? Grow up, dude. Anonymity does not give you leave to be hateful.


Falie, I've been there too, felt like no one ever understood me, heck, most times I don't even understand myself of why I am so angry all the time. I have took it out on you guys on many occasions and I do regret it but as with you, I have Papa's darkness in me too - his ego. it's harder for me to admit my fault and apologize than it is to hurt people I love. but at least you are making an effort of understanding this about yourself and confronting your darkness whereas I choose to just bury it and hope it never comes out.

Falie, take it from me, who have been through my share of shady men whom I know were just using me and will hurt me eventually, but I didn't care because they gave me attention and made me feel less pathetic and forever alone at the moment. Though I did not hurt others, I have the tendency to hurt myself, it's like I enjoyed the pain coz it makes me feel alive and when I did not feel being used and emotionally tortured, I just didn't know what to make of myself ... just like Mama. it was when I gave up on finding someone to take away the lonely that Ayis and I found each other (coz he was giving up on 'relationshits' too)... I promise you, you will find someone who will understand you and accepts you for everything you are. but in the meantime, as long as you got us, you'll never be alone.

don't be too hard on yourself. I don't self-deprecation in any part of our parents' qualities.

ILOCHI, brother.


Allah is always there whenever you needed him. Get closer to him and you won't feel as lonely anymore, insyaallah. :)


go fuck your mother, pontianak pussy. i don't have to give face to MURDERERS. (laughs)


your hero, fadz, drove his car too fast and smashed into another car, killing someone's father and husband. BUNGKUS!! and instead of admitting to his crime and changing his attitude, he throws a drama queen act. that proofs he's not insaf at all.


so don't talk to me about HARASSMENT!! harassment is when this son of a donkey decides to post up vain pictures of his new car while someone lies dead and buried.

this fellow has no damned conscience at all!!


lonely? lonely my ass. what about the widow who is now lonely because fadz killed her husband? what about the children who are now lonely because their father is gone?

enough with the drama queen act.


Falie, i wanna say something to this fucking coward & loser who's trolling you but I rather reserve it for somebody who's MAN enough for that. but i, and in fact all your nice readers will chime in as well, think you should disable anon comments altogether. we love your musings, but the comments are leaving us feeling uncomfortable and in rage. please, if you don't do it for us, do it for yourself. you've been through enough already.


oi thosai. you seriously have your priorities screwed up. fadz MURDERED someone's father/brother and you have the cheek to get upset with ME over expressing a few choice words??


tsk, tsk, talk about being biased.


fadz is an arrogant piece of shit who lives in a fantasy world. he turned a whole family's life upside down and he still has the mentality to fuck here, fuck there with his worthless musing.


Account Deleted

eh, bully. the reason why fadz has never reveal details about the accident is because it's still an ongoing case. he DID NOT murder that person. it was an accident. are you too stupid to understand what constitutes as an accident?

you were not there so you did not know what happened and you have no right to say all these things regarding the accident. fadz HAD to drive home that unfortunate day because he found out his mom was sick. and to add to the situation, it was raining that evening. also, the driver was not wearing seatbelt and he drove, unfortunately, a Malaysian car which had no airbags. also, the nearest hospital was way too far and was not equipped to handle the case. but again, as accidents are, it probably would not make a difference if it was God's will to take a life on that road that day.

i know you are be too dense and clouded up there on your high horse to care about the surface details of the accident, but I am telling this for the benefit of all the other readers coz they deserve to know how big of an ass you just made yourself all these while.

Fadzlishah Johanabas

You want to know why you can never break me? This is why. My family has my back.

Thanks, Kasha. Much love and gratitude.

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