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Saturday, December 17, 2011


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Not lucky. Alive for a reason. (And I am still praying.)

Meanwhile, a slice of ginger in the bottom of a mug of hot water plus a couple of tablespoons of honey might calm down that cough.

Account Deleted

I cried reading this. Heal soon Fadz, my doa is with you. Take care.


Awwhh Nate, your comment itself made me want to tear up.

I'm not good at words of comfort, Fadz and I was really shocked and speechless. Hope I didn't smother u instead by bombarding u with emails after the call :P

Glad you're much better now, physically healing right and I hope emotionally too.

I think you need a good dose of humour to lighten up your days at home ;) Hope it doesn't hurt to have a laugh ^_^

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