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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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Fadz, you made me cry just reading this "To top it off, whenever I go through such instances, I think about my own mother, how lost I will be if I ever lose her. I get angry when she complains of new pains and aches; those are signs of aging, and she's not supposed to age. She's supposed to be here for all eternity."

You wrote exactly how I feel. My strong, able-bodied mother now struggling just to walk up a short flight of stairs or to carry a light-weight bag. It pains me to watch her. It pains me when I can't do anything - watching her cry in pain when they did the bone marrow aspiration/biospy. I feel so helpless.


excellently written!

Account Deleted

Thank you for this wonderful piece.

Fadzlishah Johanabas

Wow. I wrote this half-asleep, weary to the quick, with thoughts about those mothers dominating my mind. Didn't think anyone would read it, much less retweeting and commenting on it.

Syasya, I know how you feel, though what you're going through is so much harder. I pray for your strength, your family's strength, and I pray your mom will get through this with grace.


Dang it, Fadz, quit with the posts/stories that make me cry! Especially since I can identify in two ways--my kids have been sick (though just with a cold thank God, but you still wish you could take it instead of them) and my parents are starting to get arthritis and stuff.

Which is a way I suppose of saying, yeah, excellently written. But I need to get more sleep before reading such things...

nor adlina

dr fadz...what a wonderful way to express it...i felt the same way...everyday i always pray that my mum and dad will always be there went i come home...i can never imagine my life without them...i dont know how am i going to actually deliver the bad news to a mother that her child is not doing well or not going to make it...anyway, thank u for your great writing...


Fadz, love you more. Lish and Faiz too. Will always do forever and ever. You guys are my pride and joy. I will do anything for you guys. Continue to be what you are and may Allah bless you, Lish and Faiz too.


Express wonderfully


beautiful ;)

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