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Sunday, December 12, 2010


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sometimes its pure apathy.for others its jadedness. try spending a few hours with rounds then going down to the clinic and being greeted by every patient with- why did i have to wait so long? and this from the nicer ones.

Fadzlishah Johanabas

I have, in fact, on numerous occasions. There was a time when my department was severely understaffed, and I had to manage our clinic alone. 70 patients may be manageable, but when you're alone....

By noon I was profusely apologizing to every new patient who walked in. When I finished the clinic, I had blacked out for a few seconds -- I was hypoglycemic.

When I first started working at the clinic, patients did not want me to consult them. I look too young, and they wanted a "real" doctor. But eventually patients started looking for me. But I'm no saint. I have a short temper with rude relatives of patients.

Jadedness is one thing. There are far too many out there who see patients not as people, but as cases and diseases. We get irritated when we have to wait long at the immigration when we make a new passport. We get annoyed when the lady behind the counter don't even look up at us, much less smile. So why shouldn't health care professionals throw away that apathy?

We are, after all, in customer service.


i'm glad u think of the profession this way. lets hope u can maintain this line of thought for the next say 20, 30 years. and when u become a surgeon, do remember not to treat others like shit.i don't mean to generalize but where i work, they aren't very nice. good luck!


Sigh. At least you don't have to speculate whether it's the "Medicare" note on the patient's chart that makes people apathetic to them. I agree, it's very frustrating to have to deal with the results of other people's apathy, particularly when a little care in the first place could have potentially stopped a complication. i'm with your latest commenter--when you are the doc in charge of a department, remember this.

Fadzlishah Johanabas

I hope so, too. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

knowledge closet

Most of my family are diabetic and I feel likely to be one.. How could I avoid not passing this hereditary thing to my kids?

Fadzlishah Johanabas

Avoid not passing...is this a trick question?

It depends on the type of diabetes your family has. Type II may be hereditary, but lifestyle also plays a big role in triggering and determining the course of the disease. Just like heart disease, someone with a strong family history is more prone to get it compared to another person without a family history, but this does not mean the person will be afflicted.

Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits. Avoid smoking, and exercise.

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