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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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MiSs PaTheTiC PoEt

I almost cried when I read this. Dont blame yourself Fadz and sometimes its really hard for us to deal with a particular thing and just move on. It takes time. So its normal to feel such way. About being in a relationship,you dont have to rush as you are still young.And its actually easy for you to attract the opposite sex. Youre lucky. Unlike me, I feel Im cursed, a guy-repellent.Nevertheless, you have to open your heart and stop blaming yourself. Dont be pessimistic.One day, insyaAllah, you will meet a girl who can accept you the way youre,will be your best friend too and make you the happiest man on earth. But you must open your heart and give yourself a chance. A guy like you will easily make a girl to fall head over heels in love with you. You are intelligent, creative, smart and the like.So, no worries :).And let bygones be bygones. I hope everything will be okay there. Take care. By the way, when are you going to review my short stories?-_- I know they may not be as excellent and impressive as the books youve read,(maybe someday,insyaAllah 100 years from now) but Ill try my best to improve and enhance my writing skill. Take care and wslm.

oops did I just say that?

Hey, I really salute you for writing this out, must be hard to have the guts to write some if not all of it down. Your title says it all, we all have issues. Sorry to hear that u had to go through all that and might be weird getting a reader to comment on it. Insyallah God has plans for all of us. As cliche as it sounds, one day the right person will come.ps-is being a doctor anything like they show on Greys? Hehe.Take care.mimi


Fadz, sorry for not being there when you really needed me but I hope by now you understand why i was the way I was then. I regret for not able to listen to you when you tried many many many times to talk to me (Im not a good listener, but Im still trying to be one). But then again whatever happened take it as a blessing coz segala yg berlaku adalah ketentuan drp ALLAH. You are what you are now, not just because of me but you yourself have worked hard. Luv you always and TQ for being my son. Mama.


omg, the comment from your mom makes me want to go home and hug my mom right this second!


I believe everyone has their issues or, maybe controversial issues, that caused by shits of others... But, as we grew older and those issues become experiences that taught us how to live our life, our own way... insyaAllah... yup, you were true... you can make a novel of your life... congratsss... :)

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