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Sunday, February 10, 2013


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Brian Gomez

Hey bro. I have a request - from one writer to another la - and hope you don't mind me asking this of you. I don't know Kris Williamson and haven't read Son Complex yet, but when I launched my novel Devil's Place, there was this one review in the papers that gave away spoilers, and I was devastated la. For a thriller writer, that's the worst thing that can happen. I know you've put Spoiler Alerts but no one's going to stop reading halfway la. Keep the bad review by all means, but do please consider removing the spoilers la. And do forgive me for sibuk-ing, dude. Cheers, and happy holidays!

Fadzlishah Johanabas

Sorry, Brian. Was operating.

You're right. As a reader, I've every right to be angered by the trick ending, the breach in contract. My review is justified--even if you say it's a bad review. I may be a writer, but I am a reader first.

However, as a writer, I've broken the writer bro code. Even with the spoiler alert, I shouldn't blatantly reveal the ending.

So here's my compromise: I've masked the spoiler text, and it can only be seen if people highlight the passage. If they end up reading the spoiler, it's not my bloody fault.

Kris, I'm sorry to have revealed the ending. Hope the masking won't spoil the story for future readers.

Brian Gomez

Fadz, by bad review, I didn't mean badly written :) And thanks for taking my views into account, man. Cheers!

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